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the show awkward is supposed to depict the life of a socially awkward teenage blogger but in the show she has 2 hot guys that want to be with her but she can’t choose one like hONESTLY THAT IS NOT THE LIFE OF A SOCIALLY AWKWARD BLOGGER THAT ISN’T EVEN AWKWARD

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that was almost raven but you’re not quite there yet

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its my brother’s 18th birthday in a few hours and my dad just grabbed him by the shoulders and said
“listen son. tomorrow, you can be legally tried as an adult for first-degree murder, so if you need to kill anybody, go do it now”

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if any website should have a post limit it should be facebook

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being age 12 was not one of my better decisions

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  • plot twist: the dogs let themselves out
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One of the greatest feelings ever is being able to be close friends with the opposite sex without the awkwardness of either of us developing feelings for each other. Solid friendship. It’s so rare for me to befriend somebody with the intentions of being just friends, so it’s always nice when it actually happens.

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  • me: knock knock
  • person: who's there
  • me: I should date
  • person: I should date who?
  • me: me
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  • Boy: suck my dick
  • Girl: i wish you were more romantic
  • Boy: suck my dick in the rain
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if i was famous every time a fan would come up to me and ask for a picture i would whisper “i’ve seen your blog” right before the picture is taken

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